“Raptors” the prehistoric wild dogs

Known by most as raptors, Dromaeosaurs represent a niche predator in a prehistoric ecosystem. Usually birdlike, lightly built, relatively weak but quite nimble, and all equipped with a talon claw used while grasping prey. Dromaeosaurs are pack hunters that use complex tactics and ambushes and are among the most intelligent dinosaurs.

In Odlania those traits make them valuable in much the same way as other societies found pack hunting canines to be valuable. Dromaeosaurs take effectively the same role as dogs and wolves in Odlanian society. Their pack focused behavior makes them easier to tame and their intelligence makes them quite trainable. Medium sized examples are often used for guards and mounts for smaller races. Small sized examples are used as pets, guards, and hunting animals. Large examples are commonly trained as mounts.

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